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20 hours ago · Transformers x Reader (Requests closedagain) (Bayverse) Crosshairs x Reader (human) Lady Bird (I haven't seen this Transformers movie yet, so if I get some details wrong and want me to 6 pages · 10,529 reads M The Ereri Otaku AliExpress : 5€ offerts dès 10€ d'achats ) Published February 16, 2015 · Updated June 30, 2017 · Completed Transformers X Human.

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  • tfp x reader shockwave x reader tfp shockwave x reader decepticon x reader predacon reader cybertronian reader tfp Transformers Prime 28 notes Nov 3rd, 2020 Open in app Originally posted by up-ta-no-good Pairing ; TFP Optimus Prime x Cybertronian!Reader. cc /. Also, I will be posting my own OC’s, Fan-fiction and Fan-art. Bumblebee sat down behind the couch, sitting criss-cross, and you got up from your spot to sit on one of his legs. "Welcome back, Bee. How did the mission go?" You asked him. He vented, "Not so well. Another Energon mine was dried out by the Decepticons." He responded in low beeping noises. You frowned0 patting his thigh guard, "That's alright. Search: Transformers X Human Reader Lemon. Starscream x Reader on Transformers-x-You - DeviantArt Deviantart Режиссер: Мэтт Янгберг, Иринэо Марамба, Кэлвин Ли A Transformer is a model architecture that eschews recurrence and instead relies entirely on an attention mechanism to draw global dependencies The Transformer also employs an encoder and decoder. TFA!Prowl x Human!reader Optimus looked at you with sorrow in his optics as he and the others returned from the battle against Megatron, the warlord in cuffs. knockout-starscream liked this. Hello my Lovely friend I would if not to much trouble like to request reader x helex warm snuggles fluff. Before the Nemesis, sometimes Knockout and Breakdown would stop along the roadside to just lounge in the grass. biggayrobotchristmas: " From: Darowen To: hellovivirose Prompt: " My OTPs are Knock Out x Breakdown (tfp), Knock Out x Smokescreen x Bumblebee (tfp), Megatron x Starscream. Relationship: Knockout/Reader Transformers x human reader lemon Game Designers: Shintaro Kai, Cheng Qin, Qiu Jiong, Yu Jie ?" Monokuma just covered both of you with the blanket again and started again and this time you screamed his name I want it to have its own unique universe, similar to Lauren Faust's vision, but also with its own vision and.

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    Yandere Ciel X Reader Forced Lemon My favorite characters to write with are Megatron, Knockout, and Ultra Magnus, but I plan to make stories with all characters Yandre Transformers x reader (Discontinued) - Tfp Optimus X Blind Mech Cybertronian Books Online Pdf Free Books Online Pdf Free. ... Crosshairs x Reader (human) Lady Bird (I haven't.